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Starting Date – June 20, 2023
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During the last couple of years CRADLE has been researching the field of virtual productions here at Breda University of Applied Sciences, which revolutionizes the way students engage with media productions. By merging cutting-edge technology and creative expertise, Cradle offers an immersive and collaborative platform. Students harness real-time rendering, motion capture, and virtual cameras to bring their ideas to life in a dynamic virtual environment. Cradle provides hands-on experiences and industry connections, enabling students to develop practical skills and gain valuable insights. 


Cradle’s journey to obtain an XR stage at Breda University of Applied Sciences showcases their dedication to technology and innovation. Faculty and industry professionals joined forces, driven by a shared belief in XR’s potential for virtual productions. 

Despite challenges, they secured resources, formed partnerships, and designed a cutting-edge XR stage with advanced features. The acquisition opened doors for students, offering unprecedented access to state-of-the-art technology and hands-on experience in XR production.

The XR stage became a hub of creativity, attracting students from diverse disciplines who embarked on ambitious projects, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology. 

Today, the XR stage symbolizes the university’s commitment to providing students with top-notch resources, solidifying its reputation as a pioneering institution in virtual production. Breda University of Applied Sciences continues to inspire and empower students to explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling in the digital age.


The XR Stage

The XR stage at Breda University of Applied Sciences utilizes cutting-edge technology, including a 8m x 3,5m LED wall and ceiling, an advanced motion tracking system, real-time rendering by using Unreal Engine 5, interactive virtual sets, virtual cameras, XR headsets technology, and immersive audio integration. 

These components enable students to merge physical and virtual worlds seamlessly, pushing the boundaries of virtual production and creating captivating immersive experiences.


Cradle researches numerous field within the XR field such as; creating software for pre-visualization, blending of real stages with digital backgrounds, recording audio in a buzzing VP stage, minimizing the Moire Effect,  VP and sustainability, portable LED panels, DMX lighting and much more! Working with external industry partners allows us to share our knowledge with the industry


We proudly host the yearly VP Gathering, a vibrant event that brings together virtual production enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. With keynote speakers about the state-of-the-art topics, we create an engaging platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration. The VP Gathering showcases the latest trends, technologies, and projects, fostering an inspiring environment where attendees can explore the limitless possibilities of virtual production. Check out the VP Gathering website here.

Discover our virtual productions on our YouTube playlist. Dive into a collection of our VP productions, showcasing cutting-edge techniques, immersive storytelling, and the creativity of our Cradle team here.

Virtual Productions Gathering 2023 – Main

Technical Details

8m x 3,5m 2.6mm pixel pitch LED wall

Vicon Tracking System

Ursa Mini 12k

Range of studio lights

Custommade Brain Bar

Unreal Engine 5

Research Output

Coming soon.


Project Manager

Carlos Pereira Santos

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